If you're just a little into programming you should watch the video. If you're a trainee or you're studying computer science, you should seriously watch it. If you're really into coding you MUST watch this video! If you're an IT Project Manager watch this Video! JUST FUCKING WATCH THIS VIDEO!

I promise you won't be disappointed. Can you imagine a hardcore western hero, just killed all the bad guys in town, saved two children and spitting out some blood, wiping his mouth while putting his revolver back into his holster? That's what Robert Martin is for Software. An oldschool fucker as hard as can be. Additionaly he got a really good sense of humor.

Surely you have to think by yourself and cannot simply adapt everything he says.

In case you've haven't had enough watching the video linked above and you're really into software architecture, here's a mind changer for you. Yet another video of Robert Martin telling you stuff about coding.

Reflect it, there are facts in it that are hard to swallow.