I used to be right-handed for all my life. When watching a quiz show they asked a question about switching main hand and thought about possible cognitive archievements. Thats where my will to do a self test comes from.

So today in the morning I started using the left hand as my main. It's unfamiliar to handle everything the other way round. I started putting my keys and my phone in the opposite pocket. Then, when I arrived at work, I placed the mouse on the left besides my keyboard and switched the mousebuttons in my OS. FUCK, that's really hard to handle and it's not just unfamiliar, it's a torture. I feel like the classical grandma that's using a computer for the first time. You're so fucking slooooow while using the mouse which leads to manage the most stuff by keyboard. Then I switched my wristwatch to the right hand, to make the confusion complete.

In the next hours I realized, my brain is concerned with managing everything vice versa. Until now it feels strange but I'll test this shit!

to be continued...