After using win10 for > 2 years now I finally found out, that Win10 supports virtual desktops thanks to the guys from codingblocks podcast. Why didn't anyone tell this to me earlier? I love this feature for a long time but thought native support was given for linux desktops only.

It's pretty simple to use it. Instead of Ctrl+Alt just use Ctrl+Win.

Ctrl + Win + D --> Adds new virtual Desktop
Ctrl + Win + F4 --> Closes current virtual Desktop
Ctrl + Win + Arrow Right/Left -> Switch current Desktop

To not miss nofitications while not on the same screen, just go to your settings and, on the System->Multitasking page just set in the Virtual Desktop section on the Task Bar selector to All Desktops.

To arrange the Windows between the virtual desktops, do the Win+Tab c-c-c-combo and drag and drop your application windows between your desktops.