Recently I started replacing the standard apps on my phone with Open Source apps. Thats something i really can recommend. Widely used Open Source apps usually have a pretty good performance and, of course, you can be sure that your data is not collected as it is by standard apps (or the android system itself).

My workflow was like:

  • Install the new app
  • Setup and Check the new app's functions
  • Uninstall / Deactivate the original one

Now most of my daily used apps are Open Source and somehow the workflow seems a lot more fluffy.

Here are some Apps I can recommend

  1. Simple Mobile Tools [collection]

The 'Simple Mobile Tools'-Developer obviously offers tools for all the daily stuff one has to care about. I installed almost all of them and I'm happy about the possibilities to adjust the colors and enable dark mode (I love simple features). I even bought the paid apps after testing the free ones to suppoert the devs, additionaly you get optical sugar-features in the paid version. So I already covered Contacts, Notes, Calendar, File Manager, Music Player and Gallery

  1. Forecastie

A clean weather app that uses OpenWeatherMap's data. Solid!

  1. OsmAnd

Open Source navigation using the OpenStreetMap Service.

  1. AntennaPod

A solid Open Source app to manage your podcasts.

  1. OpenTasks

Manage your tasks from a source of choice with this beautiful app!

  1. FastHub

A powerful Github client!

Give it a try and use Open Source software!