Markdown is awesome!

What is Markdown?

Great question! Markdown is a totally underrated markup language. A Markup language is not a programming language but a language to format text. A popular sample is HTML.

And why shall I use Markdown if I could use HTML instead?

Because Markdown requires a lot less characters to format a document the same way by being optimized for note writing. Markdown is supported by many editors and you can simply format your notes with it as well. It's a lot more readable than html when you take a quick look at the syntax. I use Visual Studio to create my notes with Markdown and I'm able to export 'em as a PDF as well. And, of course, I use Markdown to format my blogposts like described here. Another popular use of Markdown is the project description page ( of almost every Github project. It's even possible to create your Mails with Markdown syntax if you want to.

Take a look at the cheatsheet to get to know the syntax. Then install some Markdown preview extensions for your Visual Studio Code to be able to visualize and export the formatted Markup.

In case you want further information take a look at the project's page.