Have you ever charged your phone at a public USB port? If so, you might have got hacked. It's usual for scammers to infect public USB charging ports with malware. But there's a simple way to protect againt that: The USB Condom. For reasons it's not named like that anymore but you can imagine it like a USB-A to USB-A 'Adapter'.

How does that work?

It's only connecting the USB Power supply and detaching the USB data connection. The Cable you attach to it usually contains additional wires to transfer data. The interfaces to the wires inside the USB plug are then attached to a computer and you're able to access your photos from your computer. With the USB Condom, formally known as 'USB Data Blocker' just detaches this connection and the device you're charging cannot be infected with malware.

Why should I use it?

Because you care about your data. I bought one and put it in my backpack. Whenever I need to charge my devices at a public charging port, I'm protected from now. Or one could just carry a powerbank around.

In case you're wondering now, take a look at this one from amazon: USB Data Blocker (no affiliate or stuff).