This is an extending article

I'm currently doing a Clean-Code-Developer "challenge". In this Article i'm publically documenting my experiences.

There are different grades described at this page. Every Grade contains a subset of programming rules/patterns/guidelines that you take a closer look at while going through one of these grades.

Starting with the first phase, it's recommended to stay there for at least 21 days. After finishing all of them, you're recommended to restart the whole thing. I ordered wrist bands in the color of those phases at this page to remind me of my current grade and the challange itself.


After this paragraph i will describe how I experience the different grades.

2020-07-14: Red

  • new, unusual persistent learning habit
  • daily look at grade rules
  • 2 times breaking rules
  • not every day coding -> expanding suggested grade timespan from 21 to 30 days

2020-08-14: Orange

  • getting used to learn this way
  • still (almost) daily looking at rules page
  • sometimes lack of motivation

2020-09-14: Yellow

  • intense video watching and training to understand all of the rules completely

30 days seems like a good timespan for me to go through one grade. I guess I'll keep it