I was researching for fan curve videos to take a look at how other people are adjusting their fans. I thought there are people that are fanatic about cooling their pc. Other than the people who are overclocking a single core chip with a clock speed of 2.6 Ghz to over 5 Ghz.

All I found was videos like "My Computer is too loud: How to adjust your fan curve for a silent pc."

What is wrong? Why the fuck does everybody demand a silent computer? Isn't it all the gamers that are curious about their fan curves? Don't gamers wear headsets anyways when they blast huge loads of processing power that produces heat?

I don't fucking care about how loud my computer is. All I searched for was a proper way of cooling and all I found was whining sissies. My computer is loud and it won't reach 70ยฐC while being overclocked and running prime95.