Sometimes I wonder if all that javascript bloating of websites really is neccessary. Does it really need that much js-boilerplate? - A humble opinion.

Visitig webpages isn't the experience that is has been 15 years ago.

How has website experience been back then?

  • Enter URL
  • Instant page load (dependend on connection bandwidth)
  • Getting a page, poorly formatted. Clickable Items are obvious.
  • Navigating to the information you want
  • Close Browser

How is the experience now?*

  • enter website name or URL (YES, I have seen people google for URLs)
  • skip first 3 search results because advertisement has kicked in
  • klick on the first or second real result
  • page frame loads up
  • slowly the page fills with content (this is called "lazy loading", a quite fitting phrase imho)
  • page has loaded
  • try clicking link
  • ad popup loaded in the meantime
  • click ad accidentally
  • ad page opens
  • close ad page
  • overlay has loaded "ACCEPT COOKIES"
  • click on comfortly coloured button (usually blue or green) "Accept all"
  • popup: page asks if it can notify you
  • click yes (the more notifications, the better!)
  • click on link
  • scrolling through a shit ton of ads
  • get information
  • leave page

*of course this experience is not mine but describes an average user doing web-stuff

You don't believe me? Let's see if you are familiar with this experience. I bet my ass you are.

I often ask myself if this really is neccesary and if people who create and host that kind of pages know how much pain they're bringing to random peoples web experience.

Don't get me wrong, I like the thought of bringing pain to random users life's but this cannot be part of our usual web routine.

I see the use case for heavy editing of content or strong user interaction based websites like twitter, instragram and so on. But in my eyes there are obvious reasons why jeffs gardeners club doesn't need precompiled js libraries to provide some information.

For this blog I decided that I don't need any of these because it's a blog showing text from me to you. I need fast loading pages because technology should have made our lives easier.

Anyway, this is my opinion and developers tend to start their career whilst learning javascript and building funny animated shit-sites for grannys sowing community and there's nothing I can do about it.